Hester plans with purpose

Published 3:01 pm Monday, March 31, 2014

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

As the mystery surrounding Pelham High School’s faculty split between Helena High and PHS is resolved, PHS begins the exciting process of becoming the new Pelham City Schools System’s premier high school.

Glad to be able to remain at my alma mater and the school I’ve called home for most of my teaching career, I am excited as 2014-15 planning begins.

Realizing that my Shelby County Schools’ website and email will vanish as I become a PCS employee would be terrifying if not for the efforts of Angie Hester. Fortunately, Pelham City Schools’ Board of Education member Angie Hester has been working for months preparing for our new system’s place in cyberspace.

Pelham Board of Education member Angie Hester works to keep information coming about Pelham City Schools. (Contributed)

Pelham Board of Education member Angie Hester works to keep information coming about Pelham City Schools. (Contributed)

She launched PelhamCitySchools.com in early March. Although, I often advise students to Google everything, noting the address of this website will avoid confusion with other Pelham City School Systems in the country.

“In today’s age of technology, websites, blogs and social media are the outlet of choice to disseminate information efficiently. As a new school system encouraging our students to be on the leading edge of technology, it makes sense that we use these tools. You can find our website at PelhamCitySchools.com and like us on Facebook at facebook.com/PelhamCitySchoolsAL,” said Hester.

“The PCS website is a work in progress. There will also be individual school websites added soon,” said Hester. Today’s PelhamCitySchools.com lists board meeting dates, agendas and minutes as well as job postings and bids. Information including calendars, transportation schedules and registration dates and documents will be invaluable throughout the spring and summer months ahead.

An integral part of the reading and writing success that we’ve had at PHS comes from a commitment to summer reading for all PHS students. Partnership with Barbara Roberts and the Pelham Public Library is an important component of Pelham students’ success and Pelham Public will have PHS reading lists. Those reading lists will also be posted on the new PHS website. Teacher email addresses have also been formatted and will be live soon.

While planning for Pelham City’s Schools seamlessly comes together, a thankful community awaits with eager anticipation.