Miss PHS offers real world preparation

Published 3:29 pm Monday, February 2, 2015

Life-long friends third alternate Kayla Waters and Miss PHS 2015 Presley Scherer celebrate with a hug. (Contributed)

Life-long friends third alternate Kayla Waters and Miss PHS 2015 Presley Scherer celebrate with a hug. (Contributed)

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

As this year’s 23 Miss PHS contestants graced the stage, these young women—and the young men who escorted them—were sparkling.

Detailed preparation goes into taking the stage for Miss PHS—for the young men as well as the young women. Many of the skills learned during Miss PHS preparation equip students with real world skills.

When escorts are fitted for tuxes, many make their first trips to a formalwear shop.

Junior escorts are cautioned by the seniors to avoid stepping on the girls’ dresses. Miss PHS escorts execute incredible offensive footwork as they sidestep pageant gowns.

Finding appropriate interview attire and being prepared for the judges’ questions is another challenge for the Miss PHS contestants who all attend interviews on pageant day.

“The interview portion is not exactly like a job interview, but I feel that it has prepared me for when I do have a job interview,” said PHS senior Presley Sherer.

Each girl also prepares to answer an on-stage question. Several girls were asked questions that were a perfect fit.

Children’s Hospital volunteer Kayla Waters responded beautifully to her question concerning the value of volunteerism.

“My dad is my hero because his military service reminds me that no matter where you are, your heart can be with your family,” said Emily Truchon.

“What has been your greatest experience at Pelham High School?” emcee Karen Varner asked Sherer.

“The opportunity to be part of amazing teams,” responded Sherer. “I’ve been a Pantherette for four years. Last year, I was co-captain and this year I’ve served as captain. This position made me a better leader and made me grow as a person.”

Gracious leader Sherer was crowned Miss PHS 2015.

Sherer is also a member of the yearbook staff. Her entourage includes alternates: Jenna Bennett—first, Tatum Ball—second, Kayla Waters—third, and Erin Krebs—fourth.

Elite winners include junior Truchon, sophomore Patria Gatson and freshman Ryleigh Chambers.

Emily Jackson was awarded Miss Congeniality and Makenzie White was Miss Photogenic.

All participants emerge from the experience with valuable real world skills.