Budding business: Beall opens clothing shop

Published 3:19 pm Monday, February 9, 2015

Becky Beall of Pelham recently opened her clothing shop, Becky's, in Brookwood Mall. (Contributed)

Becky Beall of Pelham recently opened her clothing shop, Becky’s, in Brookwood Mall. (Contributed)

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

“This is a business built on a shoestring budget,” Becky Beall said. “We were just meant to be here. Lots of happy accidents brought us to this place.”

Pelham mother of four, Becky Beall, has always been a woman in motion.

With kids in college and graduate school now, Beall first delved into ordering clothing because one of her daughters needed scrubs for a nursing internship.

Forced to buy this merchandise in bulk to realize savings, Beall sold those extra scrubs to her daughter’s classmates and other friends that needed scrubs.

“If you’d told me that first scrub set purchase would result in a shop called Becky’s at Brookwood Mall, I would not have believed you,” Beall said.

Beall’s shop brings her entire family by occasionally.

Her son Eli stops by after his UAB classes to bring his mom lunch or to watch the shop while she steps out for lunch.

Her three daughters and her husband Larry also help out with the business.

“For a while, I was going to schools, taking orders and doing retail shows selling scarves and other accessories,” Beall said. “Last October, I asked Larry to see how much a seasonal kiosk would cost. Because we were getting in clothing inventory, this little shop with a dressing room in back was much better suited for our needs than a kiosk—so here we are!”

A working writer, who also works in radio, Beall is a busy woman.

“I keep my laptop up and running,” Beall said. “If I’m busy with customers–that’s great. If I have some down time, I get to work on my writing and deadlines. Here, I’m not distracted by laundry and dishes the way I am at home.”

Trends that Beall sees right now are Piko cotton tops, tunics and leggings.

“People want comfort,” Beall says.

Opening just in time for Black Friday 2014, Beall said starting with the Christmas rush was a great way to get her new business up and running.

“It’s really a God thing,” said Beall. “I call this my accidental business.”