Fully prepared

Published 4:54 pm Monday, March 16, 2015

Pelham High School Senior Lowrey Young commemorates Eagle Scout achievement. (Contributed)

Pelham High School Senior Lowrey Young commemorates Eagle Scout achievement. (Contributed)

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

“Only about five percent of scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout that Lowrey earns here today,” said the Scout Master.

Knowing that Pelham High School Senior Lowrey Young has risen to the forefront of such a select percentage of young men is impressive; however, knowing he has done so in very few years after getting a late start in scouts as a middle-school student is almost beyond comprehension.

Working with Young on any project makes you believe in his capabilities to accomplish the nearly impossible—in short order.

Not only does Lowrey focus collaboratively and quickly, he also has the ability to defuse tension with a subtle, dry humor much like that of any talented comedian.

Young’s humor is delivered with barely perceptible wit, often a straight face and a quick exit—leaving Young’s audience left to wonder if that humor he shares is just another part of his scout creed to be prepared.

While we expect Scouts to arrive with tools and ample rations, certainly a sense of humor is just as significant to unite our teams, fuel our energy and keep us going during the tough times.

As a teacher, I’ve been lucky to watch Lowrey on PHS teams—as an AP English student and as a Literary Magazine Staffer.

Whether the project he faced was tackling the tough task of dissecting AP style multiple-choice questions to defend his answers or cleaning up after Write Night, Young attacked each project with energy, logic and determination.

Beyond those skills, Young also has that inherent leadership skill that draws everyone together to achieve the task at hand.

“On my last trip with Lowrey, I felt very fortunate to have him along. Out on the trails and in camp, he was our spiritual leader and really helped everyone maintain focus,” said Scout Leader Joe Schifano, III.

Lowrey’s Eagle Scout project was to construct a fence around the new adaptive needs playground at Valley Elementary School.

How fitting that a young man of strength and humor would build the structure that keeps kids safe while they laugh and play!