Police reports for the week of Jan. 3, 2018

The following records were recorded by municipal police departments from Dec. 19 to Dec. 23




Dec. 19

-Additional information from George Roy Parkway, Calera.

-Additional information from HWY 31.

-Theft of property IV from Hwy 25.

-Criminal mischief from HWY 31.


Dec. 20

-Information received from HWY 31, Calera.

-Received information from HWY 31, Calera.

-Additional information from 16th Street.

-Agency assist from Waterford Parkway, Calera.

-Failure to appear from Hwy 25, Calera.

-Fraudulent use of a credit card from Hampton Drive, Calera.

-Domestic incident form County Road 42, Calera.


Dec. 21

-Theft of lost property from HWY 31, Calera.

-Domestic violence from Creek Run Circle, Calera.

-Failure to appear from Dauphin Way, Montevallo.

-Failure to appear from HWY 25.

-Failure to appear from HWY 31, Calera.

-Domestic violence Kensington Manor Drive, Calera.

-Incident from HWY 25, Calera.

-Court arrest from HWY 31, Calera.

-Death investigation from Flagstone Lane, Calera.

-Agency assist from HWY 31, Calera.

-Domestic violence from Creek Run Circle, Calera.


Dec. 22

-Additional information from Hampton Drive, Calera.

-Additional information form Flagstone Lane, Calera.

-Violation of protection order from Kensington Manor Drive, Calera.

-Theft of property IV from HWY 31, Calera.

-Failure to appear from HWY 25, Calera.




Dec. 16

-Criminal trespass from 1400 block of East Whrilaway Circle, Helena.

-Theft of property III from Wyndham Parkway, Helena.

-Animal complaint from St. Charles Way, Helena.

-Domestic incident from River Crest Way, Helena.

-Theft of property IV from Bridlewood Drive, Helena.


Dec. 17

-Duty upon striking fixtures upon a highway from Coalmont Road, Hillsboro Parkway, Helena.

-Duty upon striking fixtures upon a highway from South Shade Crest Road, Helena.

-Property damage from Akleaf Circle, Helena.

-Death investigation from Augusta Way, Helena.

-Death investigation form Tocoa Road, Helena.


Dec. 18

-Fraudulent use of credit/debit card from Jefferson Street, Athens.

-Fraudulent use of credit/debit card from Helena Market Place, Helena.

-Issuing false financial statement from County Road 52, Helena.

-Domestic violence III from River Oaks Drive, Helena.

-Miscellaneous information from Avenue West, Alabaster.


Dec. 19

-Possession of marijuana II from Helena Road, Helena.

-Harassment form Spencer Lane, Helena.

-Identity theft form Fieldstone Drive, Helena.



Dec. 15

-Identity theft from Selma Road (residence/home).


Dec. 17

-Possession of a controlled substance from Montevallo (highway/street).


Dec. 18

-Burglary III from Vine Street (residence/home). Stolen was US Currency valued at $600.


Dec. 20

-Possession of marijuana II from Montevallo (convenience store).


Dec. 22

-Information only from Main Street, Montevallo (restaurant).




Dec. 17

-Criminal mischief (residence/home). Property involvement valued at $200.

-Theft from 2100 block of Pelham Parkway (department/discount store).

-Criminal mischief from 100 block of King Valley Road (residence/home).

-Theft from 100 block of Cahaba Valley Parkway (restaurant).


Dec. 18

-Miscellaneous from 500 block of Creekview Circle (residence/home).

-Property damage from HWY 52 (service/gas station).

-Traffic offense from I-65 (highway/road/alley).

-Fraud from 700 block of Cahaba Valley Road (service/gas station).

-Theft from 100 block fo Chandalar Place Drive (commercial/officer building).

-Domestic violence 3300 block of North Wildewood Drive (residence/home).


Dec. 19

-Fraud from 30 block of Philip Davis Street (department/discount store).

-Domestic violence from 100 block of Sommersby (residence/home).

-Wanted person from 800 block of Richard Arrington Boulevard (jail/prison).

-Agency assist from 100 block of Racquet Club Parkway (jail/prison).


Dec. 20

-Assist/medical from 300 block of Huntley Parkway (parking lot/garage).

-Wanted person from HWY 70 (highway/road/alley).

-Theft from 600 block of Admin Drive (residence/home).

-Dead body from 100 block of Stratford Circle (residence/home).

-Property damage from 100 block of Business Center Drive (specialty store).

-Miscellaneous from 100 block of Grey Oaks Court (residence/home).


Dec. 21

-Fraud from 500 block of Business Center Drive (other/unknown location).

-Drugs from I-65 (highway/road/alley).

-Theft from 2900 block Pelham Parkway (specialty store).

-Domestic violence from 30 block of Philip Davis Street (residence/home).

-Property damage from 300 block of Oak Mountain Crest Way (highway/road/alley).

-Driving under the influence from I-65 (highway/road/alley).


Dec. 22

-Theft from 100 block of Weeping Willow (residence/home).

-Identity theft from Cahaba Valley Road (highway/road/alley).

-Drugs from 2600 block of Pelham Parkway (highway/road/alley).