Shindig takes the stage despite the rain

Published 7:00 am Tuesday, October 13, 2020

By SCOTT MIMS / Staff Writer 

COLUMBIANA — The rain failed to give bluegrass lovers the blues as it fell from the skies above Columbiana on Saturday, Oct. 10, as the Shelby County Shindig took place in the Grande Hall at Old Mill Square.

This year’s Shindig was a seven-hour showcase of some of bluegrass music’s finest, including VOLUME 5, Daryl Mosley Band, Becky Buller, and Allen Tolbert and Friends. And, while it was not the original plan event organizers had in mind, fans still braved the weather Saturday to enjoy free family-friendly entertainment.

Shelby County Arts Council Executive Director Bruce Andrews said even though the Shindig had to be downscaled when it was originally moved from July to October, the weekend rain did not affect the quality entertainment lineup.

“I think it turned out great,” Andrews said. “The general idea was to press on. All the volunteers had to reconfigure the space, the city had to cooperate, everyone had to collaborate, all the sponsors had to be cool with it, but we had all this great talent contracted. We endeavored to make a safe space for everybody and it’s coming off swimmingly.”

While the bad weather obviously thinned the crowd from what it would have been outdoors, Andrews was still pleased with the event and thanked all the sponsors that made it possible, the full list of which may be viewed at

“We’ve still got lots of seats full, and people are socially distanced having a great time and enjoying some great bluegrass music,” Andrews said. “Thanks to all the sponsors. Everybody’s committed to come, and frankly the musicians themselves were glad to get out.”

An exhibit of British artist David Hockney’s work debuted the same day in the EBSCO Fine Arts Gallery. For more information about Shelby County Arts Council events, visit