Cowboy Day sees sizable crowd

Published 11:31 am Friday, March 5, 2021

By SCOTT MIMS / Staff Writer

COLUMBIANA — The 13th Annual Cowboy Day was well-attended Saturday, Feb. 27 despite some adjustments to circumvent COVID-19 risks.

It was the first Cowboy Day to be held with restrictions in place, as last year’s event took place just before the pandemic. The biggest activity to suffer was the chili cookoff, and in its place stood a “chili chuckwagon” where guests could sample homemade chili albeit without the traditional competition.

Ali Payne with the city of Columbiana said there were 42 vendors present for the day, and more than 100 horses in the Cowboy Day Parade downtown.

“I think it worked out really well being in Old Mill Square Park, and people were kind of able to spread out and kids were able to run in the grass, and that’s always nice to see when people get to linger a little longer,” Payne said.

The crowd seemed to hit its peak about 11:30 a.m. as Ella Langley closed her set at the entertainment stage. The shootout and parade followed along Main Street—the only “victim” being a startled Great Dane who ran away from the noise but fortunately returned to its owner later, Payne reported.

“There were a lot of really pretty animals out there Saturday,” she said. “I think the highlight for everyone’s day is when people bring their animals and dogs and walk around.”

Later, country singer Cam Spinks of The Voice fame played a set and several camped out on the grass at the park to listen. Meanwhile, the Shelby County Arts Council’s EBSCO Fine Art Gallery was open for viewing.

Payne expressed appreciation to the event’s participants and sponsors including Clements Family Vacation Rentals, which sponsored the chili chuckwagon.

The 33rd Shelby County Cattlemen’s Rodeo took place over three shows between Friday evening and Saturday evening at the Columbiana Exhibition Center, and also saw sizeable crowds.