Alabaster students help provide support to schools

Published 10:14 am Monday, October 24, 2022

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By EMILY REED | Special to the Reporter

ALABASTER – A group of students serving on this year’s Superintendent’s Student Advisory Committee was recently recognized at an Alabaster Board of Education meeting.

Now in its tenth year since forming, the Committee is made up of students from ACS who serve as Superintendent Dr. Wayne Vickers’ advisors during decision-making processes, while also providing instrumental feedback and support.

“This really allows the students to have a voice in many of the decisions that are made,” Vickers said. “Our students are able to see things firsthand that maybe we aren’t able to see and it is so important for them to share their perspective on things. Some examples of things they provide insight on can range from the restrooms clean, the school lunches, new furniture selected, or hallway signs.”

Vickers said it was part of the high school Committee that provided insight as to some of the design features of the new Thompson High School.

“When we were working on things when the new high school was built, it was students from the Committee who gave a lot of input,” Vickers said. “One piece of feedback we received was to not waste money on lockers, so the school does not have lockers and we were able to save a tremendous amount of money because of the students’ feedback on that. They were really right on target with that suggestion and we were very thankful for that.”

Vickers, who came to Alabaster in 2013, said he has formed student advisory groups in each school district where he has served as superintendent.

“Some of the best ideas have come from the students,” Vickers said. “This really allows the ability to keep the student’s in mind when we plan for things in the future.”

Those selected for the Committee are chosen by teachers or other school faculty.

Some serve on the committee for a period of two to three years, and each school within ACS has a committee.