Sponsored: Evangel Classical Christian School offers a different way to educate

Published 3:00 pm Friday, October 28, 2022

By MEG HERNDON | Staff Writer

Evangel Classical Christian School (ECCS), a ministry of Evangel Presbyterian Church (PCA) and located in Alabaster, Alabama, provides a unique approach to education that seeks to develop leaders who are equipped to transform the culture for Christ.

All ECCS classes are taught through the lens of Scripture to support an integrated Christian worldview and to shape students’ minds as well as hearts. Students are not expected only to memorize facts for tests, but they are also encouraged and taught to think critically and logically about the world around them and to apply what they are learning to benefit themselves and others.

Evangel seeks to partner with parents to prepare students for their lives through a unique, three-phased approach to their education that includes the schools of Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric. Designed with a child’s developmental stages in mind, Grammar School is grades K3 through fifth, Logic is sixth through eighth, and Rhetoric is ninth through 12th.

Subjects are not approached as individual disciplines, but rather as a holistic way to look for God, His work, His purpose, and His glory in all creation and through all that they are studying.  The classical approach to learning helps build the foundation for students to express themselves thoughtfully to reflect truth with precision, conviction, and clarity.

Parents who are looking for an educational option where their children are nurtured spiritually and intellectually can find a perfect fit at ECCS.

“Classical education is, I think, the only educational system that really gives kids something beautiful to want,” Julie McGuffey, a Rhetoric school faculty member said, “because I want them to love the God who created them and who created all of these subjects.”

The “something beautiful” that Mrs. McGuffey speaks about is a love of learning that is fostered by a sincere love of God, His creation, and His will for their lives, for “in Christ, all things hold together” (Colossians 1:17).

Students are not only prepared to have a successful career in college and in the workforce, but they are also guided as a whole person, educated to pursue a life glorifying to God. The school aims for each child to flourish in wisdom, courage, justice, self-control, faith, hope, and love.

Bible classes at every grade level and chapel services further promote spiritual maturity. Student life is also an integral part of ECCS. With clubs like drama and scholar’s bowl, athletics, and a unique house system, students have many options to be involved in various activities.

Ultimately, ECCS seeks to glorify God by shaping the hearts and minds of covenant children through a distinctively classical and unapologetically Christian education with the goal of raising up ambassadors for Christ.

If you value a partnership with a school that provides a classical Christian education, then you should consider Evangel Classical Christian School. For more information, please visit the school’s website at evangelclassical.com.