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Spencer Bachus: Sarah Palin cost GOP control of U.S. Senate

Published 12:44pm Sunday, November 7, 2010


COLUMBIANA — Shelby County’s congressman, U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Ala., said former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin likely cost the Republican Party control of the U.S. Senate.

Bachus made his remarks on Nov. 4 at the monthly luncheon meeting of the South Shelby Chamber of Commerce, held at the Columbiana United Methodist Church.

“The Senate would be Republican today except for states (in which Palin endorsed candidates) like Christine O’Donnell in Delaware,” Bachus said. “Sarah Palin cost us control of the Senate.”

He said Tea Party candidates did well in U.S. House races, but in the U.S. Senate races, “They didn’t do well at all.”

Bachus shared other thoughts on the outcome of the Nov. 2 general election.

“What happened Tuesday was interesting,” Bachus said, “but underneath, it may be something a little different than you may think.

“If you think Republicans are in charge in Washington, you can wipe that thought from your mind. Democrats are in control of the presidency and the Senate. It would take 67 votes to override any veto,” Bachus said.

He said the outcome of the national election, while heralded as a Republican victory, is one that actually belongs to the nation’s independent voters.

Bachus said the number of voters who identify themselves as Republican in the Nov. 2 election is only slightly higher than those who went to the polls two years ago — 38 percent to 36 percent. And, the number of voters identified as Democratic was the same in both elections — 36 percent.

The group making the difference in the election is independents.

“Their party ID didn’t change. The difference is in the last election, 58 percent of independents voted with Democrats. In this election, 59 percent voted with Republicans,” he said. “Two years ago, independent voters were not happy with (President George W.) Bush. They were tired of spending, tired of taxing, tired of war, and the Democrats profited from that. Two years later, independent voters don’t like where the country is heading with (President) Obama.”

Bachus said unless 60 to 70 percent of the people agree, it’s difficult to govern.

“We are getting more and more partisan. There seems to be no middle ground,” he said. “Thank goodness for independents.

“The American people don’t trust either political party. They simply choose what they think is the lesser of two evils. The Republican party must prove to people we mean it this time, that we are serious about less government.”

Bachus said Americans no longer want to be told what is good for them. Voters want to decide for themselves what is good for them.

“I hope my Republican colleagues have gotten the message this time. Voters want the local county school board to spend their money, not the federal government,” he said.

One issue that united voters in the Nov. 2 election was health care reform.

“However, we must have health care reform,” just not in the form proposed by Obama. “For instance, we must do something about health insurance coverage of pre-existing conditions,” he said. “People no longer work their entire lives at one job.”

  • Svengali

    “However, we must have health care reform,” just not in the form proposed by Obama. “For instance, we must do something about health insurance coverage of pre-existing conditions,” he said. “People no longer work their entire lives at one job.”

    Rep Bachus has absolutely no clue when it comes to health care reform or he is simply a liar. The bill signed into law by Obama DOES require health insurance covers pre-existing conditions. Way to be against what you claim you support… What a great representative…NOT!

  • WardMD

    Congressman Bachus,

    Rush Limbaugh has the kind of following he does NOT because people are mindless robots, waiting to hear what TO THINK, they listen to Limbaugh because HE SAYS what WE ALREADY THINK (KNOW).

    The TEA PARTY is exactly the same. This is a “meeting of the minds” of people with SIMILAR beliefs: That Government TAXES US TOO DAMN MUCH, and has LOST SIGHT of the FACT that THEY WORK FOR US, not the other way around.

    WE are TIRED of being told WHAT TO DO, WHAT NOT TO DO, What Cars we can drive, What Light Bulbs we can use, What we can EAT, What we CAN’T eat, AND that we MUST BUY Health Insurance (that GOVERNMENT approves of)…

    MANY of US (Conservatives) REFUSED to vote FOR the RINO wing of the Republican Party back in 2006 and again in 2008. WE KNEW it would give us President Obama. We didn’t LIKE the idea of Obama/Pelosi/Reid running the country, but like dieting and exercise, SOMETIMES one HAS to do something they DISLIKE for the long-term GAINS.

    Luckily, the years of PAIN HAVE, indeed, been felt by the Voters (including the Independents), and – THANKS to the Tea Party and Sarah Palin, MANY Conservative Republicans have been elected (giving the GOP a second chance [IF they don't BLOW IT]).

    Can YOU HONESTLY say that IF Juan McCain had been elected President, that the voters would have been SO pissed off with the President and Congress, that we would have organized (the Tea Party), or that Sarah Palin would have had the time to campaign for SO MANY of the NEWLY elected House Republicans?

    Do you HONESTLY believe that the Republican Party WOULD have been given back the Majority with a McCain/Palin White House (even with Pelosi/Reid running both houses)?

    I think NOT!

    Therefore, Congressman Bachus, you should be DOWN ON YOU KNEES thanking Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for ALLOWING YOU to be in a position to regain chairmanship of the Financial Services Committee (which you CLEARLY DON’T DESERVE)!

  • almickle

    By the way…

    I want to take a moment to say THANK YOU, to each and everyone who took the time to write in: AL MICKLE for the District 6 seat in the U.S. House of Representatives (against the beloved Spender, oops, I mean Spencer Bachus).

    It looks like we gained about 2% of the vote. While that might not seem good, consider this: the write in campaign was running for only 11 weeks. Also, by shopping for the best values and using coupons for printing on cards, fliers, signs, etc., we spent only between $800-900.)

    Many have asked me to run again, this time in the primary, for the 2012 race. The past 12 weeks have been exhausting but if YOU want me to, with your blessing, I will consider it.

    While the website will soon be updated, please take a look at to see what I stand for and if you want someone else to run against Spencer, please drop me an e-mail. I too, supported Stan Cooke but when I saw how much $$$ Spender has been taking from banks (while being on the Banking Committee and sending BILLIONS of $$$ to the same banks who are giving him millions) I felt that I was being led to run in the general as an independent.

    Spencer, your time in office is limited. You have tens of millions (if not hundreds of millions) that you have taken from under the table deals, in your 18 years. Consider it severance and be advised, (per the Wall Street Journal story) if you are allowed to even complete this term without being indicted and prosecuted for your insider trading and unethical behavior, you need to gracefully NOT even try to run for office again.

    For anyone who is complaining about the “tea-baggers”, please take a moment to remember this: public SERVICE was NEVER intended to be a lifetime position, nor was it ever intended to be a vehicle for elected officials to NOT represent their districts. The “tea-baggers” as you want to call them, is simply WE THE PEOPLE not being silent any longer. WE THE PEOPLE are not believing the two party rhetoric any longer. WE THE PEOPLE see RINO’s like Spencer (remember the TARP bailouts?) as what they are. WE THE PEOPLE are no longer taking the crap from our elected officials, telling us what we need…but we are holding elected officials accountable for NOT voicing OUR VIEWS TO WASHINGTON. WE THE PEOPLE are no longer allowing our representatives to tell us what Washington thinks is best for us.

    At this point, I am not convinced that Sarah Palin should necessarily be the next GOP Presidential candidate. However I know this, WE THE PEOPLE are watching Spencer Bachus, Richard Shelby, Nancy Pelosi, the POTUS, and all of our elected representatives…and we WILL CONTINUE TO VOTE you out if you continue to NOT represent.

  • greyhawk

    This garbage being spewed by Bachus and other RINO’s is the very reason that the TEA Party was born, and this is why I supported and voted for Stan Cooke. After Mr. Cooke lost the election, I went ahead and held my nose and voted for Bachus, but never again.

    Sara Palin and the TEA Party movement are the reason we at least took back the House of Representatives and is the reason that Alabama now has a Conservative Majority in our state legislature.

    Mr. Bachus, you now enjoy a Republican Majority in the U.S. House of Representatives thanks to Sara Palin and other Greeat Americans who are not on the Take From Lobbyists such as yourself.

    It is my hope and prayer Mr. Bachus that you are now serving your last 2 years of the Grand Life Style which you have amassed since going to DC to Enrich Yourself at the expense of this nation’s future ecnomic and military security. You, Mr. Bachus, are a disgrace.

    I will work my butt off the next time around to make sure that Stan Cooke or some other Loyal American displaces you in the House of Representatives, as you now only Represent Your Own Interests and the Interests of the Lobby Groups who have Bought You and Senator Shelby and others in the U.S. Congress.

  • almickle

    Congressman Bachus IS right about a couple of things. In 2008, INDEPENDENTS were tired of President Bush’s spending…the same spending that CONGRESSMAN BACHUS VOTED FOR! (NO Mr. Bachus, we were tired of spending by the likes of YOU)

    Now, please explain to the readers, constituents, and just the average people in District 6, how you can take in tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars, while voting FOR billions of taxpayer dollars to go TO AIG, Goldman-Sachs, and other banking institutions…WHILE ACKNOWLEDGING THAT 98% OF YOUR DISTRICT WANTED YOU TO VOTE NO on the TARP bailout.

    Stop blaming Sarah Palin, President Obama, The Tooth Fairy, or anyone else. YOU are part of the issue. YOU have been spending like a drunken sailor…(with an one exception: Drunken Sailors STOP spending when they run out of money). How dare YOU Mr. Bachus, complain about Independents, Sarah Palin, or anyone else. YOU DO YOUR JOB AND REPRESENT…STOP VOTING FOR THINGS THAT WE WANT YOU TO VOTE “NO” ON. YOU are the next to go!!! Enjoy your last term. Make arrangements to bank your millions, take a cruise, and stay out of the pockets of the District 6 taxpayer!!!

    Al from Alabaster!!!

  • jkarov

    Spencer Bachus is exactly right on this, and kudos to him for having the guts to call out extremism where he seesit.

    I personally am very conservative, but I’m not religious at all, so many of my right wing friends are suspicious of me by default. As though economic policy, and legislation for all Americans should be based on a religious book held sacred by only some of my fellow citizens.

    For example Sharron Angle is ON THE RECORD saying things like this:

    “Black is a thoroughly evil color”

    “Young girls who are raped must bear the child, and make lemonade out of a lemon situation”

    “Let’s abolish socialy security”
    Las Vegas Review-Journal, May 19, 2010

    “I’m not having any more babies” (in response to issues regarding health insurance reform”

    Angle: “Well it’s to defend ourselves. And you know, I’m hoping that we’re not getting to Second Amendment remedies. I hope the vote will be the cure for the Harry Reid problems.”

    Ask yourself what she means by that last comment? Are Democrats attacking her ranch house? Is she actually prepared to murder Sen Harry Reid, or incite citizens to”take him out”?

    Of course, since Sharron famously would not talk to anyone in the press, except for Fox news, she will never truly explain what extrapolations she might have had in mind.

    And just how does that outright threat of violence and sedition jive with the Bible she reads in which the character called Jesus instructed all his followers to turn the other cheek.?

    If a nominated candidate can outright threaten to murder a sitting Senator without being removed by her party immediately , we are doomed as Republicans, and our country is in dire straits.

  • haigeonos

    Rep Bachus is getting the full support of the top GOP hierarchy as the party start to cleanse and purge those racist Tea-baggers out of GOP.

    All true Republicans must unite and support Rep Bachus as he is leading the bipartisan campaign to wipe out those un-American Tea-baggers who had caused the GOP to lose control of the Senate. GOP and Rep Bachus don’t need those racist Tea-baggers. They should all get lost and never ever crawl back.

  • dpetretti1

    So Bachus, What exactly did your sorry butt do to get more republicans elected?? You decide it is a good idea to give Liberals fodder against the only person to stick their neck out for the conservative cause. You, my man, are pathetic. Governor Palin did not endorse Angle or Buck in their primaries, and we still have to see about Miller. But you probably don’t care about that, you are rooting for Murkowski I am sure. So, go ahead, carry the water for your establishment republican friends on Capitol Hill. I hope the good Tea Party Patriots of your district have gotten a good look at your comments. I don’t know if they will looks so kindly on you in your next primary in two years. In fact, I am sure some of them are regretting their vote right now.

  • haigeonos

    Rep Bachus is right ! Those racist Tea-baggers cost the GOP control of the Senate.

    AS Rep Bachus and his GOP colleagues have pointed out, those racist Tea-baggers are a bunch of clowns and entertainers, and they bring nothing but chaos and destruction to the Republican Party. Rep Bachus is doing the right thing to purge the GOP of those racist Tea-baggers as they are a bunch of unwelcome nuisance to the GOP.

    All Republicans must unite with Rep Bachus and President Obama as they lead a holy crusade to destroy those un-American racist Tea-baggers so the the country can become more bipartisan and peaceful.

  • FormerRepublican

    Hey Repugs…WHERE ARE THE JOBS?!?!

    Bloviating and fear-mongering about Nancy Pelosi isn’t going to get you squat now. Now you have to actually put down the golf clubs and cocktails and, you know, WORK!


    • almickle

      whispering quietly:(shhhh.. hey, formerRepublican)…if you are now a supporter of President Obama, you might not want to mention anything about putting down golf clubs. Our current President has played more golf in the first two years of his administration than any of the past 5-7 Presidents played throughout any of their 4 yr. terms)….


    Bravo Mr. Bachus! As a former resident of Maylene I was happy to see someone stand up and say what it true about the former Alaska Governor. The truth is that Mrs. Palin has used her political notoriety for huge financial gain and while she may act like she is a regular person she is actually a shrill voice of ignorance when it comes to real plans or policies for governing. In the end, that vacuum of ideas at the top will hurt those that want to serve the people’s real needs in public office. I do believe that the TEA party people have the country’s best interests at heart, but I think that those that have tapped into real discontent are using the challenges our country faces as a springboard to reality TV stardom. While I am not a fan of many of the Republican leaders, I see that Mr. Romney is one of the few that is not hosting a talk show or on Dancing with the Stars and is focused on articulating policy ideas for 2012. I just hope that others see Mrs Palin for what she is – a person whose 15 minutes have lasted way to long.

    • WardMD

      You’re right! President Obama isn’t using HIS (un-earned) notoriety for HIS financial gain, is he?

      And Maxine Waters (D-CA) DIDN’T direct ANY bailout money to ANY banks to which her husband has ties, did she?

      And Barney Frank (D-MA) didn’t have his boyfriend (the Prostitute) operating a Whore-House out of his appartment, did he?

      And Congressman William Jefferson (D-LA) DIDN’T have $90,000 in cash stuffed in his freezer, did he?

      Etcetera, Etcetera, Etcetera…

      NO, no… Democrats are SQUEEKY-CLEAN!

      THAT must explain why we STILL have not seen Obama’s ORIGINAL, FULL and COMPLETE Birth Certificate, and WHY we STILL have not seen his Law School records!


  • pwest

    Mr. Bachus, this is why I voted for Stan Cook in the Primary, and why I refused to waste pen on the bubble next to your name. Sir, you just don’t get it, and if you’re not careful, Stan Cook or someone else will bet you one day. We are tired of the elites who want to get along and go along with the Washington program.

    You need to understand we have an Americn plan, promoted by American values and those values are not Republican or Democrat party values: they are God given liberties which individuals have fought and died for. We love our freedom sir; we can make up our own minds. We don’t need you to tell us who we should or should not vote for.

  • carrieaudra

    Sarah Palin won the GOP control of the house. Her purpose has been very clearly to educate both republicans and democrats about what the constitution states to be the purpose of government and to expose corruption on both sides of the aisle. She created momentum for the GOP, moderate democrats and independents when so many of us were just drinking Obama’s cool aid. We should be thanking her instead of saying “close, but no cigar. thanks sarah.” You got my vote, Spencer, but I think Sarah Palin is a great American and Republicans owe her at least a thanks for this most recent victory. She speaks and people listen.

  • two

    Spencer Bachus: Sarah Palin cost GOP control of U.S. Senate….now think about that! No party should CONTROL the senate nor the house. The whole problem we have now and have had is the people have no control. We elect and then are powerless. Laws are written we have to abide by even though it is obvious we are not at all happy with them. Next we elect another “servant” and the process has no end. If we could get any servant to actually serve our interests then we might change this farce. Government by the wealthy does not work. No one actually votes is the largest concern of mine. Greed is the primary cause of all the nations ills and will eventually be it’s downfall. The working class cannot support this tax happy tax evading bureaucracy very much longer. I read an article last month about “cheating the government” filing tax returns. I would have laughed if it was not so serious. Our (OUR) government has cheated us for as long as I can remember. Spending money that is earmarked for our social security, borrowing money to spend endlessly on some bogus pie in the sky scheme and flat lying about where money is are only a minor few recent SHOULD BE ILLEGAL activities of our servants.

  • bamabreeze

    Spencer, your members failed at achieving control of the Senate. Not Sarah Palin. She made endorsements and helped raise funding for the Republicans. I AM a lifelong Republicans and once an elected member to Shelby County Executive Committee. Our inadequency in the party have been the Arlin Spectors, Republicans defeated in primaries, but when looking they choose write-in or like Charlie Crist run as independents while courting the Democratics. Bring back a Haley Barbour and build a loyal team party dedicated to conservative values and embrace Sarah Palin. John McCain was a weak candidate and he did little to explain the values of the Republican party. It’s time for NEW blood. That’s Sarah’s theme along with the Tea Party. New people that do what we sent them there to do. We did not just send them there to sit in anticipation of a healthy retirement plan. Retire the anemic senators. The party is its own worst enemy. Again, Charlie Crist, and Arlin Spector proved that. It’s time. The American people will rally around us if the understand our mission and respect our integrity. Criticizing Sarah Palin is not leading the way as you walk past the Crists type losers. I’m a proud Republican and believe you should rise above that.

  • bamabreeze

    Spencer, your members failed at achieving control of the Senate. Not Sara Palin. She made endorsements and helped raise funding for the Republicans. I AM a lifelong Republicans and once an elected member to Shelby County Executive Committee. Our inadequency in the party have been the Arlin Spectors, Republicans defeated in primaries, but when looking they choose write-in or like Charlie Christ run as independents while courting the Democratics. Bring back a Haley Barbour and build a loyal team party dedicated to conservative values and embrace Sarah Palin. John McCain was a weak candidate and he did little to explain the values of the Republican party. It’s time for NEW

  • imaknoyd

    Mr. Bauchus, I think you are afraid of the new guard and that some day, if you are not careful, you will lose your standing as a member of the old guard. It may be true that a couple of individuals that Sarah Palin supported lost to their democrat opponents, however, the majority of those she supported did not.

    You stated “I hope my Republican colleagues have gotten the message this time.” With all due respect, Mr. Bauchus, I hope you got the message this time. As a life-long republican, I am going to hold your feet to the fire to ensure that you did.


    Kelly Knight
    Calera, AL

  • PhilipJames

    Well, Bachus is you typical head up his butt Republican Establishment politician who was responsible for messing up the Republican Party over the last number of years. Is he up for election in 2012? if so, maybe he should be replaced too. As for Sarah Palin…
    well, here is a reply to this dolt Bachus…

    To get some idea of the scope of the shellacking delivered to the Democrats in the 2010 midterms, it is worth noting that the new 112th Congress which convenes in January will be unprecedented in the lifetimes of most who are reading this now. No. It is not the first time the GOP has held the Majority. But it is the first time that the Democrats have failed to field a House caucus of over 200 members. Their 63 seat drubbing will leave them with 193, the first time they have fallen below the 200 member threshold since 1946. However, redistricting is going to send at least seven more seats to Red States where GOP governors and legislatures control the redistricting process. That coupled with the control of states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Ohio (all set to lose seats) by GOP governors who will redraw the district to eliminate as many Democrat friendly districts as possible means that it is highly likely that the Democrat sub 200 status is going to last at least another cycle (perhaps longer), something which has not happened since 1926-28.

    In short, the numbers and the enthusiasm clearly favor the GOP. As the New York Times observed back in September:

    “For the first time since the 1930s, participation in Republican primaries exceeds participation in Democratic primaries, according to a report by the Center for the Study of the American Electorate at American University.

    The study, which looked at elections held through Sept. 1 of this year, found that more than four million more voters cast ballots in Republican primaries than in Democratic primaries.”

    The numbers, which were 19 million GOP primary voters to 15 million Democrat Primary voters, are directly attributable to the Tea Party and its chief protagonist, Sarah Palin. The upsurge in turnout swept the GOP into its most lopsided Congressional majority in 65 years and set the stage for a domination that could span decades. Without the Tea Party and Palin, no such numbers would have been available.

    Yet many kennel fed conservatives in the Establishment who promoted the likes of Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio and Bob Bennett over Mike Lee and Trey Grayson over Rand Paul, and didn’t lift a finger for Christine O’Donnell, Joe Miller or Sharron Angle now sniff that that wasn’t enough. Palin and the Tea Party lost Delaware, California and Washington State and West Virginia. The GOP only picked up six seats (They won 8 in 1994). In fact, so they say, the Tea Party and Palin actually cost the GOP seats by failing to back “more electable” Establishment candidates.

    This is tantamount to claiming that the Union Army actually lost the Battle of Gettysburg. While it is true that the Union army decimated the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, inflicting about 25,000 casualties (nearly a third of its strength and coincidentally about the same percentage as the GOP wave wiped out in the Democrat House last Tuesday), they didn’t completely destroy it.

    Talk about making the perfect the enemy of the good. Let’s take a close look at these supposed GOP losses. The GOP did not lose a single Senate Seat. They won six and there is no guarantee they would have won any more regardless of the identity of the candidates. And the seats they lost were generally in blue states or where they faced entrenched incumbents and their union allies (enemy ground, as it were). In some notable cases like Alaska and Delaware, there was overt GOP establishment sabotage. In spite of these disadvantages, the GOP picked up six seats and thanks in large measure to the Tea Party, five out of the six are solid Demint-style conservatives, not to mention Tea Partier Mike Lee who replaces moderate Bob Bennett in Utah. Because of the Tea Party and Palin , the GOP caucus is not only larger, it is substantially more conservative.

    To return to the civil war military analogy, even after Gettysburg, when the war returned to the South’s home turf, the Union would suffer disasters in the Wilderness, Spotsylvania and Cold Harbor, as it had the previous two years. Yet it had found a general who, like Lincoln, could do the math. The North had the greater numbers, but up until the advent of Grant, lacked a Commander with the will to use them. Fading the heat of a hostile press, Grant set out in April 1864 and never looked back. His first encounter with Lee at the Wilderness was a disaster that cost his army 17,000 men. Yet Grant knew he had the men and materiel to win. He paid no attention to the naysayers and pressed on, moving relentlessly by the left flank to Spotsylvania, Cold Harbor and Petersburg, sustaining horrific casualties along the way and harping criticism from the McClellans and the Northern press who wanted to compromise and retreat. Meanwhile, his Confederate opponent was dropping back, losing men he couldn’t replace.

    There is one candidate in the GOP who has the resolve and political skill to take similar political and rhetorical hits, because she understands one thing: We have the numbers. The other side knows what she is doing and they know the threat she poses for them. Her strategy is not complicated. Our side has the numbers, but has heretofore lacked the will to mobilize them. The left and its Establishment allies are going to try to destroy her and to demoralize her supporters. This was exactly the strategy employed by Lee in 1864. But Grant was a bulldog who simply would not be deterred. I think Grant and Palin share a characteristic that is sadly absent in politicians today: Sherman referred to it as “four o’clock in the morning courage” meaning that you could wake Grant up at four o’clock in the morning with the news that the enemy had turned his right flank and he would be cool as a cucumber. The fearless Palin too “doesn’t scare worth a damn.”

    For the next two years, Sarah Palin is going to relentlessly press Democrats and GOP in the Congress toward Conservative Constitutional governance. They are going to be dropping back, losing ground at every turn. And when they diverge from that path (and they will) they are going to feel the sting of her rhetorical, as well as her political, whip. She will be moving on Washington by the Right Flank. Relentlessly.

    Governor Palin realizes that the job cannot be completed without the Presidency in 2012. She realizes as well that this is going to be a hard slog, not a walk in the park. I don’t think she is enamored of fame for its own sake and if there were someone else to do the job, she would be happy to yield the stage. But she knows as well that the current crop of McClellans in the GOP either will not, or cannot, restrain the federal leviathan and unleash the productive capacity of the American people. They are either too invested in the current system or too weakwilled or too politically ungifted to achieve it (and in some cases all three). She is the only politician on the scene with the political capacity, the understanding and the will to complete the reorientation of American political system from its current statist spiral toward proper constitutional interpretation and governance.

    The Great Civil War Historian Shelby Foote said, referring to Grant and Lee: “Lee always understood the Union Generals. It is not that he didn’t understand Grant. It was that Grant knew how to whip him. And he did.”

    The left understands Palin better than many conservatives do. They know what she is up to, which is one reason why they devote so much negative attention to her. But Palin, for her part, has shown that she knows how to whip them. And she will.

    • WardMD


      Personally, I would LOVE Palin to REPLACE Michael Steele (heaven forbid we have a HEAD of the GOP who actually BELIEVES in Conservative Republican Principles)?

  • haigeonos

    Spencer Bachus is claiming the Tea Party is causing GOP losing control of the Senate as the Tea Party supported Christine O’Donnell over Bachus’ Good Old Boy candidiate in Delaware.

    By blaming and demonising the Tea Party,Spencer Bachus is merely a dog that bite the feeding hand. Tea Party is the main force and energy that propel GOP to victory and Bachus election. If Bachus is so upset with the Tea Party, then he should tell the Tea Party not to support him 2 years later.

    People like Bachus are the one who cause the demise of GOP in 2006 and 2008, and yet they have the audacity and shame to criticise. It’s like the British appeasers blaming Churchill at the end of Battle of Britain : “Winston Churchill cost us control of Europe. If not Churchill, we would have captured Hitler by November 1940.”

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