Together Is A Powerful Word

Over the past several months, Muriel has been consumed with reading a series of Christian novels about individuals living during the American Civil War. Read more

Hello Helena

Hello Helena

The holidays are behind us and my hope for 2015 is that Shelby County will continue to grow and keep a reputation as being one ... Read more

Glad you’re with us, Mr. Bob

If you are having trouble finding living proof of a miracle, just take a minute to talk with Bob Green in Alabaster. Read more

Native Reporter

Native Reporter

By JON HARRISON/Staff Writer My name is Jon Harrison and I am a native of Shelby County, Alabama and a new Staff Reporter at the ... Read more

Not just another overdose

I recall being in the home of a young person who had died as the result of a drug overdose. This was many years ago, ... Read more | 2 comments

Letters to the Editor

The Great Symbol of America

Our flag was the first and most important symbol in America and has stood for over 200 years. It has been amazing to see the ... Read more

Driving into an intersection when the other road has the right of way is somewhat difficult, especially if one is driving onto a main road. Read more

Where has Christmas gone?

While out Christmas shopping today, we were listening to an old favorite of mine - Bing Crosby singing "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like ... Read more

Support local amendment

In addition to other important matters, Shelby County voters will have an opportunity to vote on Local Amendment No. 1 in the November 4 General ... Read more

Guarantee right to carry

I have had a concealed-carry permit for over 20 years, and not once in that time have I ever had need to pull my weapon. Read more

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