Kindergarteners have great first days

Published 3:51 pm Monday, August 30, 2010

Montevallo Elementary School kindergarten children enjoy their first days at school.

My idea for this story was to find just what kindergarteners think of their first days of school, so I made a visit to Kim Gray’s classroom at Montevallo Elementary School.

It took no time at all to discover that the kids were all having a great time and there was no need to ask, “How do you like school?”

The answer would always have been that they loved it.

When I first went into the room, the children were all sitting quietly drawing and coloring pictures. I approached a table where there were two boys and a girl.

One of the boys was drawing a shark and he told me that he always draws sharks because he had petted one.

They all said that art was one of their favorite things to do.

I changed gears then and copied Art Linkletter with: “What did your mother tell you not to do on your first day of school?”

One sweet little girl surprised me by saying, “She told me not to fight and not to punch anybody.” Several confessed that they were told not to fight and one small fellow was told not to bite; he explained that his sister bites.

Another little guy said, “She told me to be good, but I always be good, I be good at home, I be good at school and I be good at the store.”

No more time for questions; it was time for play. The children happily acted out “Jack-be-nimble, Jack-be-quick” by reciting the verse, and each child taking a turn jumping over the candlestick, then choosing the next player by name.

The whole day seemed filled with essential learning through fun activities.

As evident as it was that the children were happy with their first days of school, it was even more so that the teachers were.

Gray and Jackie Martin both had their hands full, but they were enjoying themselves.

“I love teaching kindergarten,” said Gray. “Every day is filled with excitement and new challenges. I have always thought that it is in kindergarten where a child learns to love school.  If he loves school the academics will fall into place and he will be a lifelong learner. Having a small part in that process is such an honor.”

The current enrollment at Montevallo Elementary School K-5 is 719.

There are 125 children in kindergarten. Dr. Annie McClain is the principal.

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