Take a peek into Santa’s mail bag

Published 3:54 pm Monday, December 20, 2010

Mail carrier Adam Moyes gives a sneak-peek into his mail bag.

Adam Moyes, a Montevallo mail carrier, recently gave us a sneak- peek into his mail bag to find lots of letters to Santa Claus from some of the older “children” of our town.

On the very top was a letter from Barbara Belisle. “Please Santa,” she said, “bring me a wonderful day with a my small house filled with happy children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and the delightful smells of the cedar Christmas tree.”

Next was a letter from realtor, Letta Hallman. She jokingly implored the jolly old man to bring her a Porsche and point it toward Highway 1 South to the Keys.

In a pink envelope, we found Sarah Galloway’s easy request. “Bring me a great big surprise,” she said. “I love surprises!”

Iris Kish wrote that she wants a new television. She’s watching her grandmother’s now. She’d also love a new computer, but what she really wants is a vacation.

Ann Thomas’s letter said, “Dear Santa, just jump over my chimney this year, there’s nothing I really want; we’re already so blessed.”

A little way down in the mail bag was a difficult-to-achieve request from retired newspaper reporter Nancy Wilstach. “Just bring me a two-party system in Shelby County and in Alabama,” she said, “that would result in removing sales tax on groceries and a new state constitution.”

In a brown envelope from sportswoman Dana Byrd, was her request for a log cabin on the creek and hunting trips to Tecamote, Texas and to Milk River, Canada.

Linda Lawley’s plea was brief. She said, “Please Santa, just give my boys the inspiration they need to spend two days cleaning my basement.”

Michael Harmon, manager of the water board, had posted a letter to Santa saying, “I want a finished waste water treatment plant.  I want all of my employees and board members to be safe, healthy and happy. I want families to have safe clean water. I want water and sewer lines and equipment that are working and that don’t need to be repaired on a daily basis.”

Mark Robinson, of University Investments, told Santa that all he wants is a big meal with all his family together. He declares that, though he loves electronics and gadgets, the family Christmas dinner is the best gift of all.

And at the very bottom of Santa’s bag was perhaps the most poignant request of all. Nathan Stamps wrote, “Santa Claus, please just bring to each of us the hopes and dreams of a child.”

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