Sunrise-Sunset Bowling League celebrates

Published 4:27 pm Monday, March 28, 2011

(L-R, forefront) Pearl Cardwell, Davion Gilbert, Gabriel Schweitzer. Seniors and Boys & Girls Club members Wii-bowl together. (Contributed)

By CATHERINE LEGG / Community Columnist

One could not tell whether the Montevallo children or the seniors were enjoying themselves more as they played games together in the five-lane Wii bowling alley during the recent awards celebration of the competition between teams of the Sunrise-Sunset bowling league.

Freda Shivers, director of the Boys & Girls Club, explained that the purpose of the activity was to bring the kids and the seniors together to interact while doing something that’s fun. She added that because the seniors have left their center in Orr Park before the club members arrived each day after school, most hadn’t met their teammates until the awards ceremony.

The seniors had played during their regular hours, and the club members did the same.

Individual bowling scores were carefully recorded for a set time period, and then all were combined to determine winners.

Club member Sydney Selman said, “We had lots of fun; bowling is my favorite Wii game, and we loved being with the seniors because we don’t see them much.”

McKenna Dubose had fun, too. She bowls often and shyly admitted, “I’m kinda good, too.”

The older players reflected the same feelings. “I’m new to the Wii games,” said Tommy Lawley, “and I learned so much because the children helped me.” Pearl Cardwell said, “It’s such good exercise, and playing with the kids was fun; they show so much love.”

The highest scoring team award went to the “Strikers” with Elsie Taylor, McKenna Dubose, Jaxon Butterworth, and Chemesia Farrington. Taylor and Toriana Smith won awards for the highest individual scores.

“Storm” team members were Pearl Cardwell, Lay Lay Bolden, Mary Purvis, Tahir Pernell and Tamardreon Purnell. On the “Pin Heads” team were Tommy Lawley, Cameron McGaughy, Davion Gilbert, Sydney Selman and Ayana Lomax. The “Bowl Weevils” were Lucille Cashell, Haley Seay, Kolby Maddox and Gabriel Schweitzer.

“Thunder” members were Maxine Holliman, Polly Holsomback, Alyssa Craig and Dakota Dubose. The “Lightning Bolts” were Corliss Woods, Torianna Smith, Cameron Conwell and Alyse Jones.

All of the seniors regularly participate in an exercise program led by UM kinesiology student, Jennifer Zimmerman, on Wednesdays and Fridays at 9:30 a.m. in the Senior Center.

Call 665-9206 for more information on the program.

For information regarding the Boys & Girls Club, email or call 665-4466.

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