Tim Hill sets sail

Published 12:41 pm Friday, October 28, 2011

2009 PHS graduate Tim Hill returns to share life and art after high school with PHS art department chair Kim Harrison and her students. Hill’s animation art and slide show impressed PHS students. (Contributed)

By CONNIE NOLEN / Community Columnist

When Pelham High School art teacher Kim Harrison invited my Literary Magazine class to watch Tim Hill’s presentation, I knew we were in luck.

Remembering Hill as a fun-loving 2009 PHS grad, I immediately placed him as one of the artists who made a door-sized, wooden Write Night sign that reportedly met its demise after morphing into a sled one frosty afternoon shortly after Write Night 2009.

Discovering that Hill is working on his computer animation degree through Full Sail University is exciting, especially after watching him present some of his coursework and projects to our students.

“After graduation, I studied art education at Jeff State,” Hill said. “I’d planned to transfer to Montevallo or UAB and become an art teacher. When I heard about Full Sail University, my plans changed.”

Zachary McCann, a PHS junior, was inspired by Hill’s presentation. A talented artist himself, McCann said, “I loved seeing Tim’s animation video. Seeing how Hill took his character, ‘Beard Man,’ from his high school sketchpad and created a living, breathing animated star featured in a short film made me realize how much work goes into animation and how much potential our artwork has.”

“I am extremely impressed with the artistic ability at PHS. These kids aren’t shy about what they want to do with their lives or how they feel about their art,” Hill said.

According to Hill, that talent begins with the teachers.

“Mrs. Harrison was my art teacher for all four years of high school,” Hill said. “Mostly, she taught me the importance of individuality in the art world. She makes me want to be a teacher, and I still hope to teach some day.”

Hill contacted Harrison offering to do a presentation to show students what art careers they could pursue.

“I was thrilled that Tim wanted to present to our students. His kindness, his upbeat art buddies and Tim’s tremendous work ethic made him stand out in my memory. I love that Tim is challenging my students to be creative in their work,” Harrison said.

About his future plans, Hill said, “Soon, I hope to help make fantastic full-length animated features.”

“I truly believe that Tim will become a successful artist in the field of animation,” Harrison said.

Tim Hill is heading for success, and giving back to the PHS art program that helped him get started.

Connie Nolen can be reached by email at CNolen@Shelbyed.k12.al.us.