Three MHS graduates join the military

Published 3:21 pm Monday, May 21, 2012

Alvarez, Terrill and Mounticure (Contributed)

By CATHERINE LEGG / Community Columnist

Three proud and patriotic Montevallo High School graduating seniors, who will immediately report for military duty, were recognized at the school’s recent Awards Day program.

Darian Mounticure has joined the Army Reserves and Chris Terrill and Alma Alvarez are headed for the Marines.

Mounticure will begin six to eight weeks of basic training on July 27 at Fort Jackson, S.C. His special area will be in mechanics. In the Army Reserves, Mounticure explained he will take advantage of the college program. He thinks it will provide the challenge he needs, and the military will provide a better future for his family through its many benefits. His parents, Daryl and Melissa Worthy, are very supportive of his decision to join the army.

Terrill said, “I want to pick up the family torch carried by my grandfather who was in the Vietnam war; and I want to make a difference. I have had great support from my family and from my recruiter, Staff Sergeant Roberts.” Terrill is joining the reserves, and he will report to Paris Island, S.C., on June 18 for basic training as an infantry rifleman. When basic training is completed, he will attend the University of Montevallo where he will major in history. He is the son of Steve and Lisa Terrill of Montevallo.

Alvarez, daughter of Alma Rosa Morena, explained she is looking for a secure future doing something worthwhile and a career that will provide a sense of belonging. She said she will take advantage of the college program and intends to work hard to give her life positive goals and direction. Alvarez will leave for Paris Island on June 4, and she will train and work in the construction-engineering field.

MHS Principal Derek Dearman could relate to these students as he recently returned from Army officer candidate training in Anniston.

“It is very exciting to me that students from MHS have elected to take advantage of the wonderful opportunities that joining the military provides. In addition to the leadership training and unparalleled experiences and job training, today’s military also makes the world of higher education available through multiple programs that in many cases pay all costs associated with college,” he said.

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