What was your best Christmas gift ever?

Published 11:13 am Monday, December 17, 2012

Jimmy Lawley demonstrates his best-ever Christmas present, the backpack leaf blower that cuts his task in half. (Contributed)

By CATHERINE LEGG / Community Columnist

Last year I wrote a story about my Montevallo friends and neighbors’ favorite Christmas gifts. I so enjoyed hearing their stories I decided to ask others and write another.

Richard Anderson remembers every Christmas when he was a boy his grandmother would send him a shoebox full of shelled pecans.

“I know now how much work that was,” he said, “and I wonder if she did it for all of her grandchildren.”

Steve Gilbert said, “No question, my favorite present came when I got my very own stereo with an 8-track player. I could listen to rock and roll as long as I wanted.”

Barbara Belisle said, “The Christmas gift that meant the most to me was a lounge chair my three children gave me. I was overjoyed and surprised – just knowing they actually schemed together to give Mama her best Christmas ever!!! “

A Raggedy Ann Doll was the favorite for both Sharon Williams and Allie Williams.

Allie remembers her grandmother reading the books, and Sharon still has her doll.

When Annie McClain was 7 years old, she had her mind set on a beautiful bride doll, so she wrote a letter to Santa asking him to please make her adoptive mom’s employer pay her extra money so she could have that doll. “When I woke up Christmas morning,” she said, “my prayer was answered. My doll was under the tree.”

Jimmy Lawley laughed as he remembered his best present ever was the backpack leaf blower Santa Claus brought last year.

Hilda Hicks will always treasure the water-damaged handmade tree ornament given to her by her daughter, Monique, who, along with the ornament, had just survived a frightening accident that could have cost Monique’s life.

Nancy Wilstach said, “That’s easy. My daughter, Maggie, born Dec. 23, 1978. She was due Jan. 2, 1979. Bill had to cook Christmas dinner, and he brought all the presents to St. Margaret’s Hospital in Montgomery, so we could have Christmas together with our newest member. Plus, we got a tax deduction!”

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