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PROFILE: Airborne – This associate college dean moonlights twirling and spinning in aerial silks.

Ashley Kitchins swings from the air as if she was born there. She pulls herself up on her ...


PROFILE: Acing his assignment

By EMILY SPARACINO | Staff Writer Some dreams fade in the first moments of consciousness, but Aaron Lewis ...

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PROFILE: Mayor, real estate agent, pastor and bus driver— Theo Perkins is all about uplifting those around him.

Wearing that many hits might make anyone else’s head spin, but not Theo. He takes pride in his ...


PROFILE: Meeting Mama Sue

Sue Garrett doesn’t mince words about her early attempts at making meals as a newlywed in 1972. “When ...


PROFILE: Wonder Woman

Destiny Riekeberg’s bravery and kindness in her battle with liver cancer inspired many—and even garnered the attention of ...

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PROFILE: Just go out and help someone

How one man never stops helping others—first through a career science and through disaster relief today.


PROFILE: All the love I have

Maplewood Lane is a second home for Shay McNeal, with a second family she cares for no matter ...


PROFILE: All about relationships

Scott Dillard‘s efforts are behind many new gems at the University of Montevallo, but if you bring them ...


PROFILE: An answered prayer

For many people, Lucinda Thomas is the helper they desperately need—and she embraces that role.

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PROFILE: Strong like Eli

How a Chelsea student beats the odds with faith and positivity after an accident left him with a ...


PROFILE: Even in the rain

A pandemic wasn’t going to stop 83-year-old Greyson Palmer from making sure those in need were fed with ...


PROFILE: Someone To Look Up To

You’d think a celebrity walked inside the school when School Resource Officer Sasha Lilly Knighten enters, and for ...

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PROFILE: Shelby Baptist Medical Center: Healers and hearers

As the clock strikes 10 p.m., the corridors of Shelby Baptist Medical Center are dim and isolated. Visiting ...


PROFILE: Always welcome at Rio’s

By GRAHAM BROOKS  Crystal Hamrick is doing anything but sleeping at 11 p.m. Instead she’s racking up miles ...


PROFILE: Katie Newton: Taking a leap of faith

As bedtime encroached Kindergarten-aged Sawyer could be found with an arts and crafts project. But his mom Katie ...

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