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Dodson’s art is from the heart

Now hailed as one of Shelby County’s best, Rae Lynn Dodson loves painting scenes from nature and custom ...

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A new PastPort to discovery

Among the many new publications to appear as a part of the Bicentennial is one specifically written and ...

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The perfect symbol of spring

Once, however, tulips meant much more than just a colorful respite from winter and were worth far more ...

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Saying goodbye to yesterday

Citizens living in Alabaster and traveling regularly along Alabama 119 have witnessed a lot of change in the ...

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Forecasting the weather is a local task

Weather prognosticating in today’s world involves some of the most advanced technology available. But, it hasn’t always been ...

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Soaring to new heights in 2018

If you want to attain new heights during 2018, just resolve to go by the Shelby County Airport.

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Be resolute in reaching out

The days after Dec. 25 often provide a few moments to reflect on the past 12 months, and ...

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Magical Christmas memories

As more and more Americans choose to shop online, “Cyber Monday” has grown into one of the busiest ...

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From Manhattan to Maylene

You might not recognize Faye LaCagnina’s name, but if you’ve spent much time at Shelby Baptist Medical Center ...

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Nurturing those whom nature has given us

Growing up in Shelby County provides plenty of chances to make lifelong friendships with great people. Through these ...

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Jugtown revisited

Near Sterrett, Alabama, sits a refuge from everyday life. Next to a pristine lake and among tall pine ...

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Strangers helped Montevallo veteran survive war

Indeed, November is a glorious time in the South. And, as the harbinger of the holy days of ...

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Davis is a ‘Designing Woman’

That season of counting your blessings and bringing tidings of great joy is coming quickly. If you are ...

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And then a hero comes along

Hero is a word often used today. But, even more often, it is misused. On Friday, Oct. 13, ...

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Pumpkins add pizzazz to fall decorating

The temperatures lately certainly don’t indicate it, but a quick glance at the calendar proves it. Indeed, fall ...

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